ACCT Application Process

The application process may take up to 20 days from the day ACCT receives your fees and completed application. Applicants are responsible to ensure that all necessary documents are submitted.

To register as a counsellor with Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada, the following are required:

1. Purchasing a Membership Share of $100.00 (a one time fee, refundable upon request when you discontinue your membership)

2. Submit payment of your Application Administration Fee of $150.00 (non-refundable).

3. Submit your Annual Professional fee or fees, from the following list (non-refundable):

  • RTC - Registered Therapeutic Counsellor: $290.00
  • AC - Accredited Counsellor: $290.00 (Ontario & Nova Scotia)
  • MTC - Master Therapeutic Counsellor: $290.00
  • RCS - Supervisor with ACCT MTC designation: $99.00
  • RCS non-MTC - Supervisor without ACCT MTC designation: $149.00
  • Student: $70.00 (to be applied to RTC Fee, upon acceptance as an RTC)
  • Retired: $95.00

4. Calculate your direct client contact and supervision hours. Direct client contact hours are those hours that you have spent with clients (typically a session of 45 - 50 minutes counts as 1 direct client contact hour). These can be for paid or unpaid sessions with individuals, couples, families or groups. Supervision hours are those hours spent directly with a supervisor, either in a group, dyadic or as an individual.

5. Save the following documents to your computer, see note below regarding document format:

  • Counselling Educational Certificate.
  • Counselling Educational Transcripts.
  • Proof of Insurance. If you do not yet have insurance, fill in and scan the Liability Insurance Application Form as proof of intent to obtain insurance: click here for Liability Insurance Form.
    Please Note: NEW Counsellors, once you've been approved and have received your ACCT Certificate, you may then apply for insurance. You have 6 weeks from the date you receive your ACCT Certificate to submit your proof of liability insurance.
  • Your Current resume.
  • Your Current Criminal record check.
  • Two professional counselling references, all reference letters must be signed and include the date and contact info for the referee, click here to see Counsellor Criteria.
  • Regular applicants are required to submit a report of all current Counselling and Supervision hours to date (including supervision an counselling hours from any practicum/s)
  • Master applicants are required to submit a report of completion of 1000 hours of counselling (500 must be in Canada) and 50 hours of supervision. (For specifics for 'Master Therapeutic Counsellor' (MTC) criteria. Click here to see Counsellor Criteria.
  • Supervisor applicants require proof of a minimum of 5 years of experience (and at least 1000 hours of direct client contact) and 120 hours of supervision.

These documents will need to be scanned to your computer and then uploaded when you complete the online application form. All documents with multiple pages must be submitted as one document in PDF format.  If you don't have the ability to save your documents in .pdf format you can use a digital camera - or phone with camera functionality built in - photograph the documents you need and then email your documents to yourself.  You can then download them and save to your computer. Please ensure all uploaded documents are clear and easy to read.

6. Decide which category of registration you meet:

  • Student
  • RTC/AC- less than 1000 clinical hours experience as a counsellor
  • MTC - more than 1000 clinical hours experience and have had supervision as a Counsellor

7. Complete the Application Form on-line:


8. You will receive an automated email informing you we have received your application.

9. Your application is then processed by the ACCT Membership Team and may take up to 20 days.

10. Once you have been approved as a counsellor, you will receive the following:  a) Welcome Letter, b) your Membership Share Confirmation, these documents will be emailed to you, and c) A Permanent Ready to Frame Certificate, this will be mailed to the address in your member record. 

11. A few days after receiving your membership confirmation, you will receive a 'Welcome ' email that includes your username and password which will enable you to create a listing on the ACCT Counsellor Directory.

12. Once you have received your 'Welcome Package', please review the 'Member Area'  on our website, accessible only with your username and password.