Dean Pilkey, Ethics & Disciplinary Liaison, Surrey, BC

The phrase “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” from Nelson Mandela, says it all for me in counselling, as the ability for people to believe in themselves can sometimes be a very difficult thing to do. I believe that I can help people to move forward through; (a) the use of valid instruments that show them where they are actually at, and (b) through my belief in them that they can move forward.

Considering this, my approach to counselling is client-centered, with the majority of my background supporting persons who find themselves in the criminal justice system in some form. Being a big believer in the use of valid assessments and a high ethical process when working with clients, I feel this helps to promote the highest level of client safety and provides a prime environment for them to move towards meeting their goals.

Watching people make significant life changes over the past 25 years, has helped to solidify my resolve in assisting clients to achieve their untapped potentials.