Joanie Tara, Past President, Vancouver, BC

“Be the change you want to see.” – Ghandi

Joanie Tara was first invited to the board of ACCT in March 2014.  "I very gladly accepted and am thrilled to be working with an energetic, highly motivated and value-based team of individuals.

I own my own private practice, where I work in the capacity of a counsellor, supervisor and facilitator. I am also employed as an instructor and facilitator for Clearmind International Institute. My passions are transpersonal and family system psychology and I have been in the field of counselling for 10 years. Before changing careers, my background was nursing, with 15 years of management in not-for-profit mental health and disability services.

My path to becoming a counsellor began with a spiritual and mystical experience in April 1998. It christened in me a desire to learn, study and contemplate the meaning of life and why we are here on this planet. This has birthed in me a love of people in harmonious relationships and caring for all.

am very aligned with the values of ACCT as they are close to my own personal values. My sincere hope is that part of my contribution to the board of ACCT will be to support members to prepare for the upcoming changes, resulting from the impending regulation of the counselling profession across Canada."