Laura Terlizzi, Communications & External Relationships, Surrey, BC

"I'm thankful for my struggle because, without it, I wouldn't have stumbled upon my strength." - Alexandra Elle

My personal story has included challenges that many people face. I’ve been blessed and inspired by supportive people and the outlook, that these adversities give me the opportunity to find my own strength, my own voice, and a chance to make my life that, which I desire it to be. I strive to continue to have the courage and humility to always learn, develop, strengthen myself and hopefully help support others in their journey as well.

I have a special interest in children and adolescents and am a proponent of attachment-based teaching and parenting. My interest in children carries over to the well being of the adults in their lives. I also add personal experience to my training to work with people who are dealing with issues surrounding trauma, loss, and physical disabilities. As a counsellor to all ages, I do not limit myself, or my clients, to one singular method or style; I believe we are all individuals and require personalized attention. The goal is to provide an environment and relationship that facilitates a secure place wherein one can be heard, understood and perhaps even discovered by themselves. To release things naturally and with ease may include the use of art, play, or different techniques that explore and address that which is causing difficulty or pain. This could also include the simple use of a calm, relaxed, safe conversation. Being an artistic and philosophical person, I personally tend to gravitate towards natural settings to keep me feeling grounded and one with nature.

When the human spirit is most challenged, it is how we view things that determine what we see and where we will be. There is unlimited potential in all of us. It is my belief that when one discovers this within themselves, they can change their lives and the lives of others.

I feel blessed and honoured to be entrusted with the opportunity to work with my clients and to be part of the ACCT community.