Liability Insurance

ACCT's Liability Insurance with Aon details, click here.

Current professional liability insurance is mandatory to keep your professional membership in good-standing with ACCT. As a new member, you will have six weeks to upload your proof of liability insurance and each year you will be required to attest to having liability insurance at renewal.

For those new members who already have professional liability insurance, it is perfectly acceptable to use the current insurance until it expires. ACCT members are encouraged to renew under the ACCT group program.

As a professional counsellor/therapist you are liable for your services, whether you are acting as a volunteer, providing pro bono services or charging for your services. Professional liability insurance provides invaluable protection to you and to your clients.

What can you do to help prevent a claim?

  • Be familiar with the regulatory requirements in your province and comply with them.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date files and records.
  • Be familiar with and abide by the Code of Ethics and Practice Standards for ACCT.
  • When in doubt, you may wish to obtain legal advice.