Mike Stephan, Registrar, New Westminster, BC

Mike Stephan"The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery" Fred Alan Wolf

I spent 20 years in the Canadian Forces Reserve as a Commissioned Officer in the Cadet Instructor Cadre. I filled a number of positions including Company Commander and Chief Instructor at the Vernon Cadet Summer Training Centre. As a Senior Officer, I was responsible for policy development, training oversight and HR management including conflict resolution coaching and advising on Human Rights. During my later years with the Canadian Forces, I also began taking courses in Conflict Resolution and Mediation at the Justice Institute of BC to better prepare me for my duties as a Senior Officer.

In my normal life, I've spent many years as an entrepreneur and business owner of which have included a travel agency and most recently an alternative health/metaphysical bookstore in Chilliwack. During my time owning the bookstore, I gained a new passion for therapy/alternative healing and I decided to enroll in the Counsellor Training program with Clearmind. I graduated in 2013 and I presently operate a counselling and workshop business in New Westminster.

I have a Degree in Business Administration and I bring experience in business development, strategic planning and marketing. I value Creativity and Collaboration and I am extremely passionate about being involved with teams that are vision oriented. ACCT also shares these values which made my decision to be part of this organization an easy one. I look forward to meeting you all and being involved with such a great group of visionaries.