Philosophy of ACCT

Mission Statement:

To cooperatively support excellence in competency-based counselling.

Vision Statement:

We are a community of registered and regulated therapeutic counsellors who, working together, support each other to enhance the quality of life in society by nourishing respect for human dignity and diversity, advancing the practice of competency-based counselling and promoting deliberate practice and the continuous competency development of counsellors. We recognize the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT) as the premier community of counselling professionals. ACCT is synonymous with excellence in counselling.

ACCT Values:

We believe, as our name implies, in moving and working within an atmosphere of collaboration and respect for diversity in both thought and expression.

We believe in working internally and with other organizations and government in the spirit of responsiveness and teamwork.

We believe in a cooperative model, based on equality and sharing.

We believe in competency-based criteria for counselling regulation.

We believe the combination of knowledge, experience, skill and compassion are keys to the counselling process.

We believe that the competency-based model recognizes real-life experience and enriches the standard of counselling.

We believe in life-long learning and professional development.

We believe in transparency and financial accountability to our members.