The ACCT Difference

We invite counsellors to join the ACCT community. Our vision is to create a community of registered counsellors who, working together, will support each other to enhance the quality of life in society by promoting the professional development of competent counsellors, advancing the practice of competency-based counselling and nourishing respect for human dignity and diversity. Below are some answers to the question, why join ACCT?

Member-owned, rather than board driven. ACCT is a professional counselling association, that as a cooperative, is fully Member owned. Member input is sought, welcomed, valued and used, while our volunteer Board of Directors are readily available to listen and govern the Association.

Reasonable professional fees. At ACCT, we commend our members for attaining the experience to reach Master level (MTC). In response to feedback from our members, the yearly professional fees remain the same when counsellors advance to MTC.

We are truly about competence. At ACCT, we recognize competence cannot be established by the period of time members have been paying professional fees. Counsellor competencies are honed through counselling hours, professional development, supervision and self-care. In this, ACCT registered counsellors stand front and centre when clients are choosing their counsellor. And through our readily available member supervisors and supervisor programs, our members have ample support to maintain their professional competence.

Third party billing advocation. We have built relationships with Pacific Blue Cross and other third-party billers to help support our members' clients reimbursement efforts. Our members continue to report their clients are being reimbursed when the benefit plans cover counselling. We welcome feedback about this to help us build even stronger bridges immediately. Relationships do not require decades to build, they require trust. ACCT is an association of members who continue to build trust in our communities through our competence and our integrity.

Our financial policy is to be transparent to our members. Members/Owners are presented with options for how to spend the annual surplus. We invite members to offer input at the AGM and the Board is responsive to requests and concerns of members. 

Our Board is a volunteer board, allowing ACCT to put much of the revenue of the association toward member services. ACCT has three part-time contract personnel to look after our members' administrative needs. The Board is monitoring this and is fully satisfied at this time.

No entrance exam. Counselling grads do not pay an entrance exam fee and are not required to write an entrance exam. This is in line with the majority of counselling associations. It is beyond our scope as a regulatory body to test qualified candidates. We trust the accredited school’s programs and recognize the exams have been written prior to graduation. This saves our applicants undue expense and study time.

Counselling community. ACCT is always seeking ways to support membership and community. For example, ACCT offers to help fund opportunities for networking for members across Canada to host ACCT social gatherings in their communities.

Involvement in the advancement of counselling. ACCT was a founding member of FACT BC, and the first “competency-based" counselling association to join our peer associations in supporting licensing efforts in BC and across Canada.

The larger supportive community of cooperatives. We are a proud member of the British Columbia Cooperative Association (BCCA). This means our members are part of a wide network that includes Vancity, The Cooperators Insurance and many other highly visible and successful cooperative associations.

Responsible Financial Management!  Since our opening day, due to volunteer contributions of time and skill, we have been debt free.  We continue to report a surplus every month.  This excess will be used to enhance member benefits, maintain reasonable annual professional fees, and support members/volunteers through the use of contracted services when required.  We are financially sound, and because of our ongoing business management, this healthy state will continue in the many ACCT decades to come.