ACCT Application Process

To help ACCT maintain the highest standard of membership an initial review of your membership application will be made to ensure the application is complete. Applicants are responsible to ensure that all necessary documents are submitted at the time of application. Incomplete applications and missing documents will slow down this review.  This ensures that ACCT helps set the quality standards for our profession and that ACCT members meet or exceed the requirement for their designation.

Payment in full is required for us to review and process your application.

Please allow up to 30 business days after the initial review for the processing of your membership application.

NB: Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Unfortunately,  we are unable to expedite a particular application.

Applicants are responsible to ensure that all necessary documents are submitted at the time of application.

To register as a counsellor with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada, the following are required:

1. Purchasing a Membership Share of $100.00 (a one time fee, refundable upon request when you discontinue your membership)

2. Submit payment of your Application Administration Fee of $150.00 (non-refundable).

3. Submit your Annual Professional fee or fees, from the following list (non-refundable):

  • RTCc - Registered Therapeutic Counsellor - Candidate: $150.00
  • ACc - Accredited Counsellor - Candidate: $150.00 (Ontario & Nova Scotia only)
  • RTC - Registered Therapeutic Counsellor: $290.00
  • AC - Accredited Counsellor: $290.00 (Ontario & Nova Scotia)
  • MTC - Master Therapeutic Counsellor: $290.00
  • RCS - Supervisor with ACCT MTC designation: $99.00
  • RCS non-MTC - Supervisor without ACCT MTC designation: $149.00
  • Student: $70.00 (to be applied to RTC Fee, upon acceptance as an RTC)
  • Retired: $95.00

4. Calculate your direct client contact (for RTCc/RTC and ACc/AC candidate's direct contact hours must have been conducted within the last five years) and supervision hours. Direct client contact (DCC) is any activity in which the client and the therapist are directly and formally engaged in the psychotherapeutic process. Ordinarily, this process occurs face-to-face, but other forms of direct contact, for example, using the telephone, Skype, video-link, or even email (with appropriate considerations for privacy and confidentiality) are relevant. The client may be an individual, couple, family or group. 

Also included in direct client contact are:

  • interviewing for intake, as long as this activity is clinical in nature and then used to determine the nature and course of the therapy;
  • interviewing, administering a test or conducting a formal assessment as part of a clinical interaction with the client; and
  • facilitating or actively co-facilitating therapeutic sessions.


The following are not considered direct client contact:

  • practice and role-plays conducted within an educational/training program
  • observing therapy without actively participating or providing follow-up to the client immediately after the observed session;
  • record-keeping;
  • administrative activities, including report-writing;
  • conducting a psychometric assessment that primarily involves administering, scoring and report-writing, with little or no clinical -interaction with the client; and
  • providing or receiving clinical or other forms of supervision.

Note: A standard 45 or 50-minute session qualifies as one hour of DCC.

5. Save the following documents to your computer, see note below regarding document format:

  • Counselling Educational Certificate.
  • Counselling Educational Transcripts.
  • Proof of Insurance. If you do not yet have insurance you must provide a hand-signed, dated letter indicating that you will provide evidence of insurance within 6 weeks of becoming a member OR evidence of insurance if you are already covered for liability insurance.  
    Please Note: NEW Counsellors, once you've been approved and have received your membership number you may then apply for insurance. You have 6 weeks from the date you receive your ACCT Certificate to submit your proof of liability insurance.  ACCT offers two options for liability insurance, click here for details:  Liability Insurance Options with ACCT
  • Your Current resume.
  • Provide a current (received within the last 12 months or one that is not expiring in the next 12 months) criminal record check (CRC) including a 'vulnerable sector' search. Please ensure the original document is sent to you and provide us with a scanned copy. Do not have it sent to us directly.
  • Two professional counselling references or letters of recommendation: The first reference must be from a supervisor in a training/educational capacity OR from a qualified supervisor (as per ACCT supervisor criteria) in a paid or unpaid counselling position that:  1) verifies the number of clinical supervision hours received, 2) verifies the number of completed Direct Client Contact (DCC) hours for the applicant, and 3) provides a recommendation of readiness to practice counselling. The second reference should be a mental health professional with at least 5 years’ experience in their profession who has known the applicant for at least one year.  The reference letters must be signed and include the date, contact info, and credentials of the referee including position within the organization and professional designation (if applicable).
  • Regular applicants are required to provide verification of all current Counselling and Supervision hours to date (including supervision and counselling hours from any practicum/s) via the reference letter from the applicant’s primary clinical supervisor as per the above reference requirements.
  • Supervisor applicants require proof of a minimum of 5 years of experience (and at least 1000 hours of direct client contact) and 120 hours of supervision.


All documents will need to be scanned to your computer and then uploaded when you complete the online application form. All documents with multiple pages must be submitted as one document in PDF format.  If you don't have the ability to save your documents in .pdf format you can use a digital camera - or phone with camera functionality built-in - photograph the documents you need and then email your documents to yourself.  You can then download them and save them to your computer. Please ensure all uploaded documents are clear and easy to read.

Important: Applicants Residing in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec

Due to the protected acts in the provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec, ACCT will be unable to offer registration (ACc, AC, MAC or RCS) to counsellors who reside in one of these provinces unless they meet one of the following:

  • Currently registered with a provincial college whose members may practice counselling or psychotherapy (a copy of your current registration certificate will need to be included with your ACCT application); or
  • Currently, have an application in process with a provincial college whose members may practice counselling or psychotherapy and have been granted a waiver by that college to continue counselling during the application process (proof of application to the college and waiver will need to be included with your ACCT application).

Note: If your application is in process with an applicable Provincial College, you will have up to one year to provide ACCT with your college registration certificate in order to maintain your ACCT registration.

In order for counsellors who reside in Ontario to hold registration with ACCT, and who are not a member of CPRO or an Ontario College whose members may practice psychotherapy, they will need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Meet all ACCT registration criteria, Plus;
  2. Identify as a spiritual or pastoral counsellor, or as a chaplain, religious minister or priest
  3. Have relevant training or experience as a spiritual or pastoral counsellor
  4. Only counsel or accept referrals from clients who request spiritual or pastoral counselling
  5. Meet one of the following criteria:
    1. Be employed (or volunteer) in the capacity of a: spiritual, pastoral or ministry counsellor
    2. Be a member of Canadian pastoral or Association for Spiritual Care or like
  6. Provide to ACCT the following:
    1. Proof of employed (or volunteer) in the capacity of a: spiritual, pastoral or ministry counsellor in the form of a letter from your employer
    2. Provide a copy of your membership and current registration from a Canadian pastoral or Association for Spiritual Care or like if applicable
    3. Provide a signed affidavit that confirms items 1 to 4 above

6. Decide which category of registration you meet:

  • Student
  • RTCc/ACc - Have attained a minimum of 100 direct client contact hours
  • RTC/AC- Have attained a minimum of 200 direct client contact hours
  • MTC - Have attained a minimum of 1000 direct client contact hours, 50 hours of supervision and 5 years of experience in counselling practice


7. Complete the Application Form online:


8. You will receive an automated email informing you we have received your application.

9. Your application is then processed by the ACCT Membership Team and may take up to 30 days.

10. Once you have been approved as a counsellor, you will receive the following:  a) Welcome Letter, b) your Membership Share Confirmation, these documents will be emailed to you, and c) A Permanent Ready to Frame Certificate, this will be mailed to the address in your member record. 

11. A few days after receiving your membership confirmation, you will receive a 'Welcome ' email that includes your username and password which will enable you to create a listing on the ACCT Counsellor Directory.

12. Once you have received your 'Welcome Package', please review the 'Member Area'  on our website, accessible only with your username and password.