Julie Taylor, ACCT Director of Communications

Julie on the beach copyOut beyond the concepts of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.

Hope becomes reality when people work together.   Anon

Julie Taylor was one of the founders of ACCT and joined the board on September 2 2013.

"I was originally trained in health care and hospital administration - when I was 18! - and I've drawn on this knowledge to build my own businesses (over the years) and now to help create ACCT. I am proud to be a part of this fabulous, cooperative, professional association."

After moving to Canada, Julie worked in advertising and marketing for over a decade with her ex-husband, moving into the new world of business online when the internet first started up. ACCT is website-based and the model for the Cooperative Association and the delivery of it's products by website are new and modern… Definitely the business model of today.

To market and advertise to people, it's important first to understand them: to get inside their skin and Julie realized she'd found something she really had a passion for: getting inside people's skins!   Going into the field of counselling seemed a natural 'next step'.

Julie was delighted to be chosen to start counsellor training at Cowichan Family Life on Vancouver Island, formalized over the next half-dozen years at VCCT (Vancouver College of Counsellor Training) and the CURA Institute in Vancouver under Mahmud Nestman. She also studied NVC with Marshall Rosenberg and sat on one of the first Canadian NVC boards, BCNCC.

During this time Julie built a busy Victoria practice which seemed to reflect so many of her own personal experiences. She works mostly with relationships and marriage, families, teenagers, personal growth and those challenged by brain injury and other traumas/disabilities. "Medicine and the effect of the psyche on physical health fascinates me and I welcome clients with various health issues, sometimes serious. Often the healing that we find together is near-miraculous."

For the last couple of years Julie has worked mostly online and occasionally by phone, many of her clients finding her by word of mouth and via her website.  She has been travelling in the winter and living the life of a snowbird 'down south' for the last few years but is now back in Canada.

"The birth of ACCT was fuelled by a strong desire to form a just, cooperative, caring, transparent, egalitarian, professional association of competency-based counsellors, supporting one another, doing the work we love. I'm proud to stand with this talented board: we've overcome incredible obstacles over the months and the way forward now is strong and everything I'd hoped for.

I am very grateful for all that this wonderful experience has taught me and I thank everyone involved: members, board members (especially Karleen) and my family and friends for being so patient and supporting me."