Kami Butcher, Business and IT Development

“It is far better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” – Herman Melville

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

When the opportunity to become a member of the board and to assist ACCT presented itself in March 2014, I felt honoured and excited to accept. I can see my business experience, online expertise and my love of counselling as assets to the Board, and the prospect of working alongside a group of passionate, solution-focused, inclusive and "win-win minded" individuals was too enticing to resist.

My personal background includes over ten years as an Entrepreneur in the Health Care sector, where I managed, owned and/or built companies in Home Support/Transportation Services and in the Medical Foot Care arenas. Start-ups are my passion.

In developing those pursuits, I found a need to acquire skills in the online world. This led me to complete an advanced Web Publisher Certificate which allowed me to create, design, develop and implement several websites and software systems. As a result, I have a working knowledge of website functionality, user experience mapping, work flow, SEO and sourcing appropriate CMS and CRM systems - all applicable to ACCT now and moving forward.

I have always been a curious, passionate leaner and very intrigued with the human psyche and spirit and their connection to the body. In 2013, I completed a three year Diploma program in ‘Transpersonal Counselling Psychology’ at the Clearmind International Institute.

I chose this course in particular because of the mind-body-spirit connection and “healer, heal thyself” view. It also offered a professional, safe learning environment that included emotional accountability, integrity and a welcomed human approach. And, while it was an excellent counselling program, as a parent it was also one of the most impactful positive personal development investments I have made to date.

My further studies in counselling have helped me to consciously heal myself and my own former dis-eased body from the inside out. I am forever grateful for and fascinated by the mind's effect on the body, how powerful our thoughts and feelings are and the body's own ability to heal itself, naturally. All of my experiences have led me to this empowering self-healing belief and to the endless possibilities available within us. This is where I hope to focus my counselling from in the future.

I look forward to being of service to ACCT, its vision, and our members. My goal is to help further the development, growth and implementation of efficient, robust and cost-effective organizational structures and inclusive systems that add value to our association's experience wherever possible.

In light and service,

Kami Butcher, Board Member
ACCT Development Team