Task Force Updates

Task Force Updates by Province:

Alberta - Unregulated

  • Formed FACT-Alberta.
  • Application submitted to Ministry of Health in September 2016
  • Revised application submitted in July 2017
  • Workbook submitted to Ministry of Health in July 2017
  • Government is considering legislation in the Fall of 2018 or Spring of 2019. • Stakeholder consultation occurred in August 2018.


British Columbia Unregulated

  • Formed FACT-BC • Continues to have ongoing discussions with the provincial government.
  • Currently no indication of when regulation may occur.
  • Extensive lobbying with MLAs to be undertaken.


Manitoba - Unregulated

  • Formed FACT-Manitoba
  • Application is being reviewed by the Steering Committee

New Brunswick Regulated

  • Proclamation occurred June 1, 2017


Newfoundland and Labrador - Unregulated

  • Formed FACT-NL.
  • Application reviewed by the Steering Committee and submitted to the NL Ministry of Health on April 20, 2018.


Nova Scotia - Regulated

  • Proclamation on October 11, 2011


Ontario - Regulated

  • Ontario proclamation occurred on April 1, 2015.
  • The Controlled Act was proclaimed on December 21, 2017. There will be a two year transition period starting December 31, 2017.
  • CRPO has been mandated by the Minister of Health to provide additional clarification of the Controlled Act. This clarification must be delivered by July 1, 2018


Prince Edward Island - Unregulated

  • The latest information from the government contact is that work will begin on the regulation file in the latter part of 2018.
  • Have been encouraged to work on standards of practice and code of ethics by the government contact.


Quebec - Regulated

  • Statutory regulation of the profession for over fifty years and has recently also enforced regulation of psychotherapy as a protected act and psychotherapist as a protected title.


Saskatchewan - Unregulated

  • Formed FACT-SK.
  • Application is being reviewed by the Steering Committee


Territories - Unregulated

  • No activity