MTC Application


Master Therapeutic Counsellor Application

If you have accumulated less than 1000 direct client contact hours, received less than 50 hours of supervision and do not have 5 years experience in counselling practice, please apply for our RTC designation.

RTCs may request to add the designation Master Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC) to their RTC designation by meeting the criteria listed in Items 1 - 3 and by completing the Advance to MTC Application

MTCs hold a certificate or diploma, a bachelor's degree; postgraduate certificate; master’s degree or Ph.D. in counselling or a related field from a registered school, or equivalent experience and training as determined by ACCT Membership Team and must meet the following criteria. 

  1. Provide a log of clinical hours and supervision (or spreadsheet) that includes:
    A minimum of 1000 hours of direct client contact (see Item 4 on the ACCT Application Process page for the definition of direct client contact), 500 of these hours need to be completed in Canada.
  2. MTCs must have attained a minimum of 50 clinical supervision hours post-graduation (may include all forms formal of supervision, where a contractual or employment agreement exists with the supervisor). Please be aware that evidence, in the way of signed logs, that support clinical hours and supervision hours may be requested.
  3. MTCs must have 5 years of experience in counselling practice in a private or agency setting and be registered as an RTC (or hold an equivalent designation from another association).
  4. Provide a current (received within last 12 months or one that is not expiring in the next 12 months) criminal record check (CRC) including a 'vulnerable sector' search, unless there is a CRC on file with ACCT.
  5. Provide a copy of current resume.
  6. Submit copies of certificate or diploma, bachelor's degree; postgraduate certificate; master’s degree or Ph.D. in counselling or a related field, or proof of equivalent experience and training.
  7. Provide a copy of previous professional counselling membership.
  8. Provide proof of current Liability Insurance.
  9. Provide a reference or letter of recommendation from a mental health professional, with at least 5 years experience in their profession, who has known the applicant professionally for at least two years.
  10. Provide a second reference letter from a previous or current Supervisor that includes a Supervision Competency Evaluation Summary (paragraph). The reference letter must be signed and include the date and contact info for the referee.
  11. Disclose whether or not they are free of any disciplinary findings and/or any other reason that would prohibit the practice of counselling therapy.
  12. Agree to complete the annual requirements for membership, including 30 hours of Competency Development which must include a minimum of 8 hours of supervision and a minimum of 8 hours of professional development or continuing education credits per year and may include no more than 8 hours of self-care.
  13. Read and agree to ACCT's Rules, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  14. Provide the following payments:
    1. ACCT Membership Share - $100.00 one-time payment (refundable on request when you discontinue your membership)
    2. Administration Fee - $150.00, one-time payment (non-refundable)
    3. Professional Fee - MTC $290.00 (non-refundable)

Important Information

Please allow up to 20 business days for the processing of your membership application. A non-refundable administration fee of $150 is required to review and process your application.

To help ACCT maintain the highest standard of membership, all applications go through a verification process. This ensures that ACCT helps set the quality standards for our profession and that ACCT members meet or exceed the requirement for their designation.

Privacy: Electronic copies of all documents will be kept in your secure file in accordance with our privacy policy.

Your Contact Details:

File Uploads

Please upload copies of your proof of liability insurance (or application) as well as supporting documents for your counselling or psychotherapy qualifications: diploma, certificate, degrees or transcription documents and references (instructions below). PLEASE BE SURE TO UPLOAD EVERY DOCUMENT THAT YOU WISH TO SEND TO ACCT. This is particularly important with references. Ask your referee to use the forms on this website. There is also a MISC Uploads Form for anything you forget! Thanks!


Provide two references from people who you have known for at least 1 year. One of your referees should be a mental health professional, with at least 5 years experience in their profession. The other should be in a counselling or education profession.  All reference letters must be signed and include the date and contact info for the referee.

If this is not possible please contact us.



Expulsion from another professional body or having been the subject of a disciplinary review by another professional body or having a criminal record is not necessarily a bar to membership in ACCT. The failure to disclose all such information, or making a false declaration, may result in refusal or termination of membership.

Applications containing such disclosures will be submitted to a panel for consideration under the normal procedures outlined in Rules of the Association. Health matters that could affect your suitability for counselling will also be submitted to this panel for consideration.

It is important that you complete this section in full.


Disclosure: Additional information

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above please provide a full and comprehensive statement, including details of the circumstances surrounding the disclosure, any mitigating factors and detail the steps you took to make any necessary changes in the box marked 'Additional Information'. Please address the experience fully and tell us what you have learned from your experiences.

Please list any unpardoned conviction and title it 'criminal conviction statement'. Some convictions are pardonable after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

All material information relating to your application must be disclosed under Additional Information (above). It is your responsibility to ensure that you declare all relevant information. If you are not sure whether something is relevant or material, please fill out the contact form and leave a phone number where someone can call you. Please ensure that your name and date of birth are exactly the same as on this application form.


  I understand that as a Member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists, I am an ACCT ambassador and I agree to uphold our values of competency-based counselling, cooperation, teamwork, equality, transparency, lifelong learning and financial accountability. I hereby sincerely pledge these ACCT values and my loyalty to my colleagues and co-owners in ACCT.

Applicant Declaration and Signature

We ask that all applicants please read and understand the Code of Ethics and Practice Standards for ACCT and it is your responsibility as a member of ACCT to read the ACCT Rules. Please send us an email using the contact form with any questions you may have or leave a phone number and we will return your call.


I confirm that the information contained in and uploaded with this form is true, accurate and complete. I hereby authorize the officers of ACCT to make such inquiries, as they consider necessary to verify the information given. I understand that any false or misleading statement or falsification of accompanying documents may lead to disciplinary action being taken against me and may result in immediate termination of my membership. I understand that failure to disclose on application or during the period of membership could lead to disciplinary action and termination of membership.