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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and Professional Education

October 12 – 13, 2018

This years meeting is truly a National Conference. Join us and meet ACCT members from across the country and as far away as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Focusing on the theme of ‘Let's Get Practical’, this one and a half-day conference will include guest speakers and professional development sessions providing hands-on tools and all things practical to help ACCT counsellors grow themselves and their practices. 

Bernadine Fox will be our opening keynote speaker and PD session leader on Friday afternoon.  Bernadine will bring awareness to the issue of predatory therapists, doctors, and The Abuse of Power.

Following our opening speaker, Julie Sweeney will lead a workshop on Compassion Fatigue.

Comedian, Matt Turner, will join us for dinner on Friday night and will be our after-dinner entertainment.

The Annual General Meeting, which takes place on Saturday morning, is important to you as a shareholder in a co-operative association. Your voice and vote are important to the well-being of ACCT.  Attending the AGM is also key to staying up-to-date with your association.  It is your chance to vote on resolutions and policies and elect your board of directors.

Following the AGM there will be a live performance by LifeApp, a health and wellness community for relationships.

On Saturday afternoon there are two professional development sessions: the first led by Shoshana Allice, is an interactive workshop to learn the five steps to successfully adding group work to your practice and Kristy Higgins will lead a workshop on Professional Practices which will give you the tools to deal with confidentiality exceptions and therapist absence. 

Following a short break and to end the conference, Mike Stephan, ACCT Registrar, Sarah Hughes, ACCT Operations Manager and Shannon Watson, Coordinator of Membership and Administration will be on hand to answer your questions and discuss All Things Membership.

For more information on our speakers and the workshops, please see the Conference Agenda.

We have a variety of conference packages available to give you, our members, the ability to attend as much or as little as you choose.

There is no charge for the AGM only - but please make sure that you register! The AGM will be held on Saturday, October 13, 2018, at 8:30 am.


We hope you will support your association by joining us for this year's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and Professional Education. It will be a great opportunity to network with fellow members, make new connections and connect with old friends.

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In August, Kimberley Davidson stepped down from the ACCT Board of Directors.  Kimberley had served on the board for almost two years serving as Director of Governance and Strategic Planning. The board would like to thank Kimberley for her service to the board and to the membership and we hope to see her back again someday!

In order to fill this vacancy in a manner consistent with our bylaws, the ACCT Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah Hughes to the Board of Directors.  Sarah has acted as Board Secretary for the last three years and is ACCT's Operations Manager. Please join us in welcoming Sarah "officially" to the Board of Directors!

As Kimberley's term was due to end in October, Sarah will be seeking re-election at the AGM on Saturday, October 13, 2018.

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They did it! How great is this?  ACCT member Jennifer Brum hosted other ACCT members from the Southern Vancouver Island, BC area to a get together on Sunday, September 23, 2018. Thanks for the great photo.  Here's what Jen had to say about the meet-up. 

"We had a little party here yesterday afternoon and it was so great to meet our local ACCT members.  Unfortunately, there were a few that couldn’t make it and some last minute cancellations but we hope to catch up with them next time. What a great group of therapists we have over here!"

Attendees from left to right: Jennifer Brum (hostess), Theresa Gulliver, Donna Kendrew, Amanda Renschler, Sandy Walker, Mark Watts, Monique Having-Smeets, June Fukushima

At ACCT, we are building communities one counsellor at a time....let us help you build yours. Host a gathering either in your home or at a selected venue, and have ACCT help with the costs. ACCT will reimburse your food and drink costs up to $15 per person on any gathering that has at least five ACCT members in attendance. Members are eligible for reimbursement only once per the calendar year.

Send the names of those attending and photos from your gatherings and be featured in a future newsletter. These can be emailed to

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