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Festive greetings! It’s with great honour that I speak to you in my new role with ACCT. 

I was quite surprised when I was asked to step in as the new president at the October AGM. Speaking to the elephant in the room, I didn’t’ feel I was qualified, as I’d graduated from Clearmind International’s 3-year practitioner training program in June and only received my RTC designation later in the summer. 

However, after a passionate discussion with last year’s board members, I realized that I do, indeed, have the qualifications for stepping in as your president. Who am I in this place? I’ve sat on multiple boards for the past 26 years, sitting in as president, executive officer, accreditation, mentorship, governance, communications/marketing, and board-member-at-large. Running my company Vocal Point (Communications and Counselling) since 1993 has brought rewards, new learnings, and multiple opportunities.

It’s exciting to be involved with this amazing organization. The learning curve has been high and the board has been exceptional to work with! A very warm shout-out is given to our Operations Manager, Sarah Hughes and to the Registrar, Mike Stephan, as well as our past presidents, Rob Brooks and Susan Derry. Their ongoing advice and institutional memory have been integral to the board.

There are many changes afoot in our universe, covering a myriad of possibilities involving policies, digital communications, the environment, counselling colleges across Canada (see Regulation Update from past president Joanie Tara) and business. Perched on this precipice of change, how does it impact you? Are your clients’ reactions to change showing up in sessions? How do you manage your own self-care in today’s busy and ever-changing world? Are there changes you’d like to see with ACCT?

A quote by Margaret Mead comes to mind: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.” That is what I’ve found in ACCT: possibility, committed and wisdom. I’m grateful to be given this opportunity to continue in the vision of our past presidents, as our board and staff continue to serve the membership across Canada.

Please feel free to share your comments by emailing me at [email protected]. I’m open to hearing how ACCT serves you now and what we can do differently.

Kind thoughts, Ange

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Please join us in welcoming new board members, Ange Frymire, Mia Logie, and Michael McLaughlin who were declared elected at this year's AGM.  

Your newly appointed ACCT Board of Directors for 2019 - 2020 are:

New Board Members:

  • Ange Frymire was voted in by the new Board as President.
  • Mia Logie will oversee Professional Development.
  • Michael McLaughlin will lend his expertise to Governance.

The following Directors are in the second year of their two year term: 

  • Julie Sweeney, Vice President and Social Media guru!
  • Debbie Bowyer oversees the finances of the association as our Treasurer.
  • Dean Pilkey will continue his role liaising with the Ethics & Disciplinary Committee.
  • Laura Terlizzi looks after internal and external communications, including the ACCT Blog.

Rob Brooks, Past President will continue to work closely with the Board of Directors.

Joanie Tara will continue to represent ACCT at the FACT BC table and will become Chair of the Regulation Committee.

Sarah Hughes, our Operations Manager continues in her role as Secretary.

Sarah Lipsett will assume the Chair of the AGM Committee.....welcome back Sarah!

To find out more about your Board, please click here to be redirected to the Board of Directors page on the website. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank those who served on the board of directors this past year Rob Brooks, Kathy Smith, and Sookyung Ahn. Your contribution to the success of ACCT is appreciated.

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What better to celebrate the holidays than hosting an ACCT Holiday Gathering, either in your home or at a selected venue, and have ACCT help with the costs? ACCT will reimburse your food and drink costs up to $15 per person on any gathering that has at least five ACCT members in attendance. Members are eligible for reimbursement only once per the calendar year.

Send the names of those attending and photos from your gatherings and be featured in a future newsletter.  These can be emailed to [email protected].

At ACCT, we are building communities, one counsellor, at a time. This holiday season let us help you build yours.

Please remember Drink Responsibly and plan a safe ride home.

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The ACCT office will be closed for the holidays from Monday, December 23, 2019, to Thursday, January 2, 2020, to give our staff a much-needed break and allow them to spend time with their families.  However, the [email protected] email and the 1-844-269-ACCT voicemail will be monitored periodically.  Please email or call and leave a message if you have an urgent matter that requires our attention.

Mike, Sarah and Shannon hope you all have a happy and safe holiday and look forward to working with you in 2020.

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Facilitator: Maureen McEvoy, MA, RCC

Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020

Time:  9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Place: BCIT Burnaby Campus - Room SE06 - 205

Overview: A day-long workshop on clinical note-taking and record-keeping for counsellors facilitated by Maureen McEvoy. Areas that will be covered include:

  • The Informed Consent process
  • Confidentiality
  • Note Keeping
  • Handling requests for session notes

Price: $25.00/person

Lunch will be provided.

This workshop is open to members only at this time.  

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ACCT is Hiring

The Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists has an opening for a part-time Community Outreach Coordinator.

As the community outreach coordinator, you will be responsible for various duties in regard to public relations, lobbying and liaising with third parties.  The successful candidate will be expected to handle multiple responsibilities and carry out expectations and strategic goals for enhancing the image of ACCT and building strategic relationships with community partners.

This is a contract position and will require the contractor to provide their own home office space.

A full job description can be found here.  If you would like to be considered for this position, please forward your resume and cover letter to the attention of The ACCT Board of Directors at [email protected].

If you have any questions regarding this position please email [email protected].

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The ACCT Blog is a source for informative articles, resources and links, related to our field and well-being in general.  As a cooperative association, we encourage members to contribute new materials or topic suggestions for us to publish on. You can do so simply by sending us an email to review, your contribution can be emailed to [email protected]

The latest Blog, written by board member, Laura Terlizzii and titled, How Important is Sleep?, can be found on the ACCT Blog Page of the website.

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If you conduct e-counselling either in Canada or internationally, you will need to contact AON to add e-counselling to your insurance coverage. Please call AON at 1-877-766-3093. Peter Walker or one of his associates will look after getting you set up. 

If you were already conducting e-counselling in the US and/or internationally, you would have been required to check that off on the insurance renewal form, and as such, should have already heard from or been in contact with AON.

Here is an overview of how the recent changes to e-counselling coverage will affect you:

OPTION A - $50 premium/year

Remote and online therapies endorsement
for Canada and International (excluding the USA)

*No limit on the number of clients

OPTION B - $100 Premium/year

Remote and online therapies endorsement
for Canada and International (including the USA)

*Gross annual income derived from clients domiciled in the USA does not exceed over 25% your total annual gross income. Note: the underwriter will also require the counsellor to pay a deductible for any claims arising from USA clients.

*For all international clients the claim must be initiated in Canada and the counsellor must have a signed agreement with the client that states the client is aware of this (further details TBA)

*The premiums for the above options are in addition to the base premium you are already paying.

We are working closely with Aon to ensure this is communicated to our members who have liability insurance with them and you should soon receive an email from Aon regarding e-counselling.  We are also formulating a waiver, with the assistance of a lawyer, which we will share with members.  

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British Columbia -  there is talk the BC government is also looking at amalgamating professional colleges to cut down on the duplication of staff and regulators, this may include six or seven major colleges.

Alberta – is moving fast on all college processes. The Expedited Route Application process was opened on August 29, 2019.

Manitoba – working on the application for the College, it is a big and arduous process. 

PEI – things moving slowly there, but still moving.

Ontario – the ON government is looking at amalgamating professional colleges to cut down on the duplication of staff and regulators.  The Protected Act of Psychotherapy in Ontario will take effect on Jan 1, 2020.

Quebec. – Came to the National Symposium of Counselling Regulation, this was the first time cooperating with any of the other provinces (in this field).

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