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All counsellors (RTCc, ACc, RTC, AC, MTC, MAC and RCS) with a renewal date AFTER March 31, 2019 (which is most of you), are required to be following the Continuous Competency Development Plan  (CCDP) and at renewal, must do the following in order to remain a member in good standing: 

It is essential that you have read the CCDP document to ensure you are following the guidelines set out in the plan, and that, as suggested, you have completed your Professional Goal and Annual Plan.  Both of these documents are available for download from our website:

ACCT will audit four random members a year to ensure that the activities completed in the year match the goal. If audited, members will be required to share their Annual Competency Plan and other related materials with the auditor.

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The new policy states that Student Membership status may be granted to applicants who are currently registered in an applied counselling training program or equivalent; and have not yet completed the required training or the required direct client contact hours to be registered as a RTCc/ACc or RTC/AC. Students applying for student membership must have at least 6 months remaining in their training program until graduation.

Students who wish to renew as a student must also have at least 6 months remaining in their training program to renew as a student.

Student members do not qualify for liability insurance under the ACCT group plan.

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It's very important when completing forms online that you ensure they are filled out completely.  We have experienced some inconsistencies during reporting by some members using the Safari browser. Please use Google, Google Chrome, Explorer/Edge or Firefox wherever possible.  Please also ensure that once you have submitted a form, that you receive an automatic confirmation email stating that the form was submitted successfully.

Taking the time to fill out the forms properly will help to avoid any issues with registration and renewal.

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Joanie Tara will be leading this workshop which will be held at the BCIT Burnaby Campus on Monday, March 18 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Topics will include:

  • Professional Representation: designations, educational credentials, protected titles/designations, legal issues
  • Scope of Practice: incorporating different modalities/approaches in your practice, parameters, informed consent, the difference between modalities, treatment methods, therapeutic approaches, etc
  • Other Professional Issues: setting fees, handling money issues with clients, jurisdictional legislation/regulation

There has been a great response to this very popular workshop but there is still space available. Click the button below to register.

We will try, once again, to videotape this workshop for those members unable to attend, however, without the professional expertise or equipment, this may not be possible.


Friday, October 4, 2019 and Saturday, October 5, 2019

There is a change of venue for the 2019 ACCT AGM and Conference! This year, it will be held at the Executive Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre - Metro Vancouver. Located at: 405 North Road, Coquitlam, BC

The hotel is centrally located with easy access from Hwy. No.1, and Lougheed Skytrain Station is only a block away.

We are currently working on securing a keynote speaker for Saturday afternoon. Once that is in place, the remaining details will continue to be finalized. As the preliminary plans are coming together, we are excited for what we think will be a great conference! Friday afternoon will start with a welcoming address, followed by breakout sessions geared towards both new and seasoned counsellors. Then, after a short networking break, we will have dinner and entertainment. Our Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be held Saturday morning followed by a Regulation Update and networking lunch. As mentioned, this, we hope, to be followed by a Keynote Speaker.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Your board of directors are excited to have begun another year as we continue to grow and strengthen as a community. The goal behind this blog, in addition to our existing Facebook page, is to supply you with another continual source of informative articles and resources, or links, related to our field and well-being in general.

As a cooperative association, we encourage members to contribute new materials or topic suggestions for us to publish on. You can do so simply by sending us an email to review. Your contribution can be emailed to [email protected]

We hope you enjoy utilizing this new section of our website and find the content both interesting and informative.

Read the first blog post here

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