Supervision Requirements

ACCT Supervision Requirements

Supervision is defined as:  A contractual relationship in which a counsellor supervisor engages with a supervisee, where the supervisor signs a log and evaluation. The purposes of supervision are to increase competency, promote the professional growth of the supervisee, enhance the supervisees’ safe and effective use of self in the therapeutic relationship, discuss the direction of therapy, and safeguard the welfare of the client.

ACCT Supervision Requirements

  1. Required Supervision:
    1. RTC/AC applicants are required to have successfully completed a minimum of 150 hours of clinical practice with supervision.
    2. RTC/ACs are required to be supervised for their first 1000 direct client contact hours. (Supervised clinical practice or practicum hours may be included in the 1000 hours.)
    3. RTC/ACs are required to receive a minimum of 10 hours of supervision each year (minimum of 50 hours overall).
    4. MTC applicants are required to have completed a minimum of 50 hours of supervision and accumulated a minimum of 1000 direct client contact hours.
    5. MTCs are encouraged to receive 10 hours of supervision per year throughout their professional career.
    6. RCS applicants are required to have completed 120 hours of supervision and have 5 years of practice and have at least 1000 direct client contact hours.
    7. RCSs are required to receive a minimum of 10 hours of supervision each year throughout their professional career. 
  2. Logging Supervision Hours: 
    1. Initial supervision hours logs are to be submitted with ACCT Membership application.
    2. Thereafter supervision hours are logged annually using the Annual Supervision Report at renewal time.
  3. Supervision Evaluations:
    1. ACCT does not require copies of Supervision Evaluations, but reserves the right to ask a member to submit them.  HOWEVER, it is recommended that supervisees keep these, in case they are required to provide them at a later date by the proposed BC College of Counselling Therapist.
    2. As per ACCT Supervisor Code of Ethics, all Supervisors are expected to keep Supervisee’s Evaluation for up to 7 years.
  4. Tracking Hours:
    1. All ACCT counsellors are required to track their accumulated client and supervision hours.
    2. All ACCT counsellors are required to keep an up to-date log of these hours for their own records.
  5. Allowable Types of Supervision:
    1. Individual and Dyadic Supervision: involves 1 supervisor to 1 supervisee, or 1 supervisor to 2 supervisees.
    2. Group Supervision: involves a minimum of 1 supervisor to a maximum of 12 supervisees, is formal and structured; and includes an evaluation component, at least one group member must meet ACCT's criteria for Supervisors (a counsellor with a minimum of five years experience in the practice of counselling). PLEASE NOTE: Informal “peer supervision” i.e. unstructured discussion of clients with colleagues, is not considered an acceptable form of supervision.
    3. Student Practicum Supervision: occurs as a student or in a practicum, where the hours are logged as part of the curriculum, or where an instructor or supervisor signs a log and evaluation. (This does not include all practicum hours, only the hours of supervision received for the practicum.)
    4. Supervision received during employment, when the ACCT candidate or member is/ or has been employed in the capacity of a counsellor.

Note: For members, who are no longer able to contact previous supervisors or employment supervision providers please contact ACCT for further instructions.

The foundation of ACCT is set on a competency-based framework. Professional practice is an essential component to competency. Professional development and supervision are important ways to verify the competency standards of ACCT members. All ACCT members are required to complete professional development and supervision as part of their professional practices.  It is essential that RTC/AC’s entering the counselling profession, MTC’s continually expanding their scope of practice and RCS’s who are providing supervision services attain supervision and professional development annually. Government-approved regulations have set the industry trend in Canada to include professional development and supervision as mandatory professional practices of competent counsellors.

ACCT members are encouraged to choose a Registered Counselling Supervisor. Supervisors may also be Master Therapeutic Counsellors or professionals who meet the supervisor qualifications. These qualifications include membership with a professional association and a professional designation, be an instructor employed by a counselling school, completion of a minimum of 120 hours of supervision and a minimum 5 years of counselling practice, including a minimum of 1000 direct client contact hours.