Membership Benefits

There are a number of benefits to joining ACCT, including a variety of key tenets that differentiate us from other counselling associations. ACCT offers organized supervision and mentorship, regular newsletters to keep our members informed, opportunities for professional development, including our popular Annual General Meeting and Conference, as well as group insurance options and a variety of special discount programs. If you are still in school? There are lots of advantages to joining ACCT as a student.

The ACCT Difference


Insurance Reimbursement
ACCT continues to advocate for its members with insurance companies and benefit providers. ACCT members are currently recognition for reimbursement through extended benefit providers that cover the services of counsellors.

ACCT’s board regularly prepares and distributes a newsletter to members, ensuring that members are kept up-to-date on all the latest, including ACCT news and updates, industry news and updates, projects volunteers and staff have been working on on behalf of members, including insurance outreach, new benefits, social media, etc., and general membership updates.

Annual General Meeting and Conference
ACCT hosts its Annual General Meeting and Conference in the fall. The conference is open to all members, and features professional development sessions, cultural experiences, and opportunities to connect with fellow members. The Annual General Meeting includes the Association's business meeting, providing attendees with an opportunity to learn more about all aspects of ACCT, the Board of Directors, Teams and Committees, and the projects that they oversee. Elections also take place at the AGM, which are open to all members interested in working in cooperation with the governing body in a leadership role.

Discount Programs
ACCT members receive special rates on a variety products and services, including professional online listings, travel, office supplies, copy and print services, as well as a variety of others.

Insurance Coverage
ACCT is pleased to offer a variety of insurance options for its members, including extended health benefits, travel insurance, pet insurance, and life insurance.

Student Benefits
ACCT encourages those in the midst of counselling schooling to join the association as students. There is a one time ACCT Membership share fee, and a discounted fee for yearly Student Membership, which can be put toward Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) registration upon graduation. Benefits of student membership include all the benefits available to regular members, as well as providing a great platform from which to launch a career in counselling.