As a self-regulating professional counselling association, one of the important values of ACCT is ensuring our counsellors continue to develop competency their entire professional careers. We want to stand shoulder to shoulder with counsellors affiliated with other counselling associations in following government regulations and the industry trends and best practices across Canada.

ACCT offers process-oriented supervision with experienced supervisors who are also experienced therapists, in both group and individual settings. Process-oriented supervision uses a counsellor’s awareness, their description of how they conceptualize their client’s issues, and their own personal experiences, to develop personal insights and enhance professional skills.

Supervision provides a framework within which a counsellor can offer an accounting, reflect on performance and receive feedback and or guidance.  Regular ongoing supervision is helpful for enhancing the quality of service offered and continuing professional development and support. Supervision is beneficial for improved client care, effective self-care and career development.

ACCT Supervision Requirements

Download: Client Contact/Supervision Log (sample)


RCSs and MTCs have the option of creating a contractual agreement between group members who all hold a minimum of an MTC designation or equivalent designation from another professional association to provide reciprocal supervision of counselling practice.

Download: Reciprocal Group Supervision Contract (sample)