Associate Criteria

ACCT Associates may include educational institutions, professional development educational organizations, professionals from various fields of expertise related to the counselling and psychotherapy profession and others who have an interest in the quality and value of counselling in Canada. Associates are a valuable resource to ACCT and our members.

Associate Members are required to read & be familiar with: ACCT's Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Scope of Practice.

Associate Member Application Process:

Provide the following payments:

  1. Associate Subscription Fee - $175.00 (refundable - based on Board Approval)

Please be advised of the following:

  1. ACCT's Board approves all Associate Applications
  2. Payment does not guarantee the success of your application
  3. Associate subscription does not include voting shares (i.e. non-voting member)

Become an ACCT Associate Member and receive the following benefits:

  1. Newsletters with up to date information on excellence in counselling
  2. Invitation to attend conferences
  3. Updates on ACCT activities
  4. A listing in the ACCT Associate directory
  5. A link on ACCT's 'Members to Members' website page to your organization's website

To apply, please click here for Associate Member Application Form.