Associate Schools Directory

ACCT of Canada is proud to include Counselling Schools and Training Institutions as Associates, supporters and friends. The following Counselling Schools are Associates of ACCT. 

Clearmind International Institute Inc.

Clearmind International Institute Inc. offers innovative experiential, educational psycho-therapeutic programs using an experiential spiritual/transpersonal framework. We help people reframe personal struggles and difficult emotions that lead to discover new meaning and choices.

Our mandate is to help people pioneer a path through areas of personal struggle, discover meaning and purpose in their own lives, and through that to contribute in their own way to the well-being of others. Difficult emotions like sadness, fear, and anger can transform into compassion, excitement and passion when we are pointed in the right direction.

Kelowna College of Professional Counselling

The Kelowna College of Professional Counselling is dedicated to training individuals with an affinity for helping others in an entry-level position within the mental health field.

We believe that with our unique approach to hands-on learning, academic preparation and personal awareness our students will be prepared to begin their career as an entry-level counsellor upon completion of their studies at KCPC.

Orca Institute

Established in 1986, Orca Institute offers Canada’s longest-running Hypnotherapy Certification programs. We are also British Columbia's only PTIB and EQA Designated Hypnotherapy School.

With a strong focus on Ericksonian Hypnosis, the school offers online training courses on the cutting-edge of Counselling Hypnotherapy. We also offer an Advanced Counselling Skills program.

Stenberg College

Stenberg College has specialized and excelled in health care and human services education for over 25 years. Their 88-week Counselling Therapist Diploma program will provide you with the stepping stones to help others overcome challenges, achieve goals and better lives. You will be able to approach and resolve real-life situations and learn about proper self-care, ethical decision making, strengthening relationships.

Vancouver College of Counsellor Training

Our skills, in addition to providing in-depth preparation for a successful career in counselling, are the most transferable set of career skills that can be used in any employment setting. They are also the most impressive addition to your resume.

We are dedicated to personal growth, professional development and transferable skills.

Vancouver School of Healing Arts (VSOHA)

VSOHA’s mission is to create a supportive learning community of excellence where individuals are empowered to explore their own unique potential through holistic education and practice in the healing arts.

They offer a supportive learning atmosphere that fosters exceptionally caring and capable practitioners. Students graduate well-equipped to make a positive contribution to the world through the healing arts.