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ACCT is the first community service cooperative for competency-based counsellors incorporated under the Cooperative Association Act of British Columbia and is home to counsellors across Canada, who demonstrate competency and excellence in the counselling profession.

ACCT welcomes all qualified counsellors and psychotherapists to our professional community. Our membership includes experts and specialists in a wide variety of mental health areas including depression, anxiety, reproductive issues, neurofeedback, brain injuries and dysfunction, ADD/ADHD, relationship, stress management, trauma and abuse, grief and loss, anger, women's issues, addiction and many more.


Toll-Free:  1-844-369-ACCT(2228)
Regular Business Hours: Monday through Thursday (8:00 am - 1:00 pm PST)


Trust yourself and know that you are not alone and supported by your fellow counsellors and your association throughout this pandemic.  Please visit the COVID-19 UPDATE webpage for members which includes information and resources to assist you as you navigate through COVID-19.  ACCT counsellors are encouraged to follow the guidelines and provincial orders in place in their particular province.  For the current situation in your province please go to the PUBLIC HEALTH AUTHORITIES AND EXPERTS section on the COVID-19 Update page.

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ACCT Associate Schools and Training Institutions

ACCT of Canada is proud to include Counselling Schools and Training Institutions as Associates, supporters and friends. For a current list of associate schools, please go the Associate Schools Directory under the About Us tab. 

If you are interested in becoming an Associate School with ACCT, please check out the Associate Criteria page for more information and to apply.

Member-To-Member Offers and Professional Development Opportunities

At ACCT we want to make available to our members a variety of excellent professional development opportunities. Please click here to access our Professional Development Opportunities page.

If you would like to list a Member-to-Member offer, professional development opportunity, or resource please fill out the online form. Upon approval of your Professional Development listing, it will appear on the website.

We believe in life-long learning and professional development.

A well-rounded professional will participate in a variety of professional development activities and in particular make efforts to work on any competencies that they feel may need honing.

Professional development is the acquisition of knowledge and skills that enhance both personal development and professional growth. This learning can be both formal and informal and may include consultation, mentoring, reflective supervision, coaching, peer mentoring, courses, and seminars.




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