Registering as a counsellor or student member with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada requires purchasing a Membership Share of $100.00 (one time fee, refundable upon request when you discontinue your membership), payment of an Application Administration Fee of $150.00 (non-refundable), and payment of the annual Professional Fee.

Annual Professional Fees are set out below.

NB: All professional fees are non-refundable and are renewed annually on their anniversary date.

Students - $70.00 (The current year student fee of $70.00 may be applied to the RTC/AC Professional Fee)

RTCc/ACc - $150.00

RTC/AC and MTC- $290.00

RCS, with MTC  - $99.00

RCS, without MTC - $149.00

Retired Counsellors - $95.00 (to become a retired member you must have been a member in good standing with ACCT for a minimum of 1 year)

Associates of ACCT (Educational Institutions) - $175.00 (Associates are not members and do not purchase a Membership Share or pay an Administration Fee).


Inactive Member - $50.00 (please contact [email protected] for criteria and application form)

Administration Fee for Late Renewals - $75.00 (this fee is levied when a member has not satisfied their renewal requirements within the 30 day grace period)