Continuous Competency Development Plan

The Continuous Competency Development Plan (CCDP) was created to bring ACCT requirements for professional development, supervision and self-care in line with the industry standards in Canada.

The plan came into effect on April 1, 2018, and members began reporting yearly CCDP hours at their yearly renewal date starting April 1, 2019.

All RTC - Candidates, AC - Candidates, RTCs, ACs, MTCs and RCSs are required to complete the annual requirements for membership, including 30 hours of Continuous Competency Development which must include a minimum of 8 hours of supervision and a minimum of 8 hours of professional development or continuing education credits per year, a maximum of 8 hours can be made up of self-care.

To review the CCDP in full and for assistance completing your Annual Goal and Plan, download the following document: Continuous Competency Development Plan Document

To maintain or improve competency is directly related to the individual practitioner having a professional GOAL and ANNUAL PLAN. The activities that the individual engages in during the year are chosen to support the individual to reach their professional goal. We suggest that ACCT counsellors choose their competency development and improvement activities from the following list:

  1. Supervision - a MINIMUM of 8 hours:
    1. Formally receiving supervision from a qualified counselling supervisor (one-to-one, dyads or groups)
    2. Receiving supervision as part of continuing education practicum requirements
  2. Professional Development - a MINIMUM of 8 hours:
    1. Seminars, Courses and Training
    2. Self- Directed Learning (no more than 10 PD hours can be satisfied through Self-Directed Learning)
    3. Mentoring and Peer Consultation (no more than 10 PD hours can be satisfied through Mentoring and Peer Consultation):
      1. Providing Peer Consultation
      2. Being the recipient of Peer Consultation
      3. Providing Peer Mentoring
      4. Being the recipient of Peer Mentoring
    4. Learning Through Contribution (no more than 10 PD hours can be satisfied through Learning Through Contribution):
      1. Writing for professional purposes
      2. Supervising
      3. Volunteering; for example, serving on Committees or Boards related to counselling/psychotherapy
      4. Service; example pro bono work
      5. Teaching/Instructing
      6. Being a Subject Matter Expert in Counselling/Psycho Therapy
      7. Serving on a Counselling/Psycho Therapy Educational Advisory Committee
  3. Self-Care: - a MAXIMUM of 8 hours may be made up with self-care in the following areas:
    1. Counselling:
      1. Receiving counselling therapy (one-to-one, family or group)
      2. Attending workshops that have therapeutic components
    2. Self-Care Practices:
      1. Yoga, Tai Chi or similar physical practices
      2. Meditative Practices
      3. Spiritual practice – including all religious, all shamanic, all Wiccan and all indigenous practices
      4. Additional practices that are not named, may meet the criteria, check with ACCT, indicate what the self-care activity is, and how it has benefited you in reaching your professional goal.
    3. Seminars, Courses or Training related to self-care practices

If you have questions please check the CCDP Q&A page which was developed from member feedback, if you don't find the answer to your question please email [email protected], and one of our staff members will be happy to respond.

Counsellor competencies are honed through counselling hours, professional development and supervision. This plan will ensure ALL ACCT registered counsellors stand front and centre when clients are choosing their counsellor.