Volunteer Opportunities

ACCT's Volunteer Position Opportunities

ACCT is volunteer driven and is currently looking for the following positions to be filled:

Volunteer Coordinator - this position actively recruits volunteers from within the ACCT membership and counselling schools, delivers orientation and training for volunteers based on ACCT Team needs and ensures agreement obligations of the volunteers are met by maintaining consistent communication with them to keep them informed and engaged with respect to ACCT activities.  The position also assists the Operations Manager with AGM planning by recruiting volunteers and coordinating volunteer duties on the day of the meeting.

Cooperative Liaison - Acting as a liaison between the BC Cooperative Association (BCCA) and ACCT.  Requires attendance at four of the BCCA board meetings a year, forging relationships with other Cooperatives within the association, and reporting back to the ACCT Board of Directors.

Membership Team - Reporting to the Director of Membership you will be one of three members on the Membership Team and will be responsible for the evaluation and approval of new membership applications. Must have access to a computer and the Internet.

School Liaison/Presenters - we are looking for a couple of members to work with the already existing School Liaison and Marketing Team to learn the history, philosophy, mandate and values of ACCT and do presentations to future counsellors in the counselling schools across Canada.

Newsletter Team - we are looking for up to three volunteers interested in creating the ACCT newsletter. Writing and compiling of articles for the newsletter.
Works with the Communications Team

Volunteer Social Coordinator - this position will arrange four ACCT social events a year.  They will invite members of ACCT via social media or ACCT emails and newsletters.  Events will be of a social nature (ie: hiking, coffee, no-host dinners, meet ups, pot lucks etc.)

Facebook Page Volunteer - this position is required to be present on the ACCT Facebook page four days per week, and engage with ACCT FB members, and facilitate dialogue, in addition may be called upon to respond to members' inquiries, or solicit the answers to members' inquiries from other members, or request information from an ACCT Director or volunteer to answer questions members  might post. Works with Social Media Team

Annual General Meeting Volunteers - these positions will be short-term event volunteers to work as a member of the AGM 2017 Team to produce the October 14, 2017 AGM which comprises of a social event and the actual AGM.

Insurance Liaison Team - this position will assist members in liaising with insurance companies for specific claims.There will be some research and some "on call" work required, as member's request assistance. It will also involve advocating on behalf of members with the insurance companies to allow ACCT counsellors to be covered under their programs.

Social Media Team - this position will work as part of the Communications Team and will be responsible for regular, ongoing, updates and management of Social Media (including, but not limited to; Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn)

To apply to be considered for any of the above-noted positions, please CLICK HERE to complete our Volunteer Application. We look forward to receiving your application(s).

Warm regards,
Your ACCT Board & Volunteers